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Crowns, Bridges, Fillings & Extractions In Bideford


In the event that your teeth require restoration, or perhaps an extraction where treatment is not viable, The Quay Dental Practice provides a modern, supportive environment for you to receive the best possible care.

Our skilled clinicians will assess the best treatment options for you and where a tooth can be restored effectively, we have a variety of techniques to help, including crowns, bridges and fillings. Where a tooth does need extraction, we make this as comfortable as possible for you, together with providing a range of replacement options such as dental implants, bridges or dentures.

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Where teeth have decayed, we can use a traditional amalgam filling, or a white filling depending on your preference and the location of the cavity within the mouth.

Fillings are usually the first option where the cavity isn't large enough to completely compromise the tooth and provide an excellent method of restoration.

Applied with skill and experience, fillings strengthen the tooth, restore the appearance and prevent decay from causing further damage.


Crowns & Bridges

If a tooth requires root canal treatment, or has been damaged significantly above the gum-line, we can use a realistic, natural-looking crown to make a complete repair. This involves shaping the damaged tooth above the gum-line and placing a crown on top of it to protect and strengthen the remaining tooth.

Where a tooth is missing, we can place crowns on the two teeth either side of the gap and use these to support a dental bridge with a replacement false tooth or teeth. We use advanced laboratory processes and moulding to ensure our dental restorations such as crowns are as realistic, strong and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Crowns are very versatile and are used in a wide range of dental treatments including repairing teeth, completing a root canal treatment and to finalise a dental implant.


Whenever possible, our dentists will do everything they can to save a tooth. However, in the event that your tooth cannot be saved, we will extract the tooth as painlessly and as quickly as possible. This is completed using strong local anaesthetics which completely numb the site of the extraction, making it as comfortable and pain-free as possible for you.

We will also discuss dental restoration options with you before your extraction so you are fully informed about the various methods we have available to restore a functional and great looking smile!


To find out more about the comprehensive range of general dentistry service we are proud to offer at The Quay Dental Practice, please call our friendly reception team on 01237 473638 to arrange an appointment at a time convenient for you.

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