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Routine Check-ups and Hygiene

At The Quay Dental Practice you can expect a complete range of preventative dental services and hygiene treatments to help you maintain the best possible oral health. Our skilled and professional team have a wealth of experience to offer in our modern surgery, complete with the latest equipment and treatments to help every patient enjoy the healthy smile they deserve.


Routine Check-ups

We advise you to visit us regularly to ensure that your oral health stays in great shape and any issues can be diagnosed quickly. Our check-ups are extremely thorough and you can expect us to:

  • Ask you about your current health or any oral health concerns
  • Ask about any changes in medication
  • Perform any necessary X-rays
  • Complete an oral cancer check
  • Check all the teeth, gums and soft tissues in and around the mouth
  • Check any previous restorations

If any issues are identified during your check-up we will explain the diagnosis and treatment options to you. We always provide transparent information about possible treatments and costs so that you remain in control of your oral health treatment choices at all times.

Hygienist Services

As part of a recommended oral health plan, we do recommend visiting the hygienist regularly as well as attending check-ups with the dentist. The hygienist can help you to care for your teeth as effectively as possible between appointments and help you prevent issues from occurring.

Our hygienists also provide guidance and advice on any lifestyle or medical issues that may be affecting your oral health, such as smoking or the side-effects of medication.

The hygienists at Quay Dental Practice can also actively treat active gum disease as part of a larger treatment plan; working hand-in-hand with our dentists or a periodontist. This will often involve charting periodontal pockets, providing regular cleanings and providing detailed and customised ‘at-home’ cleaning guidance.


The days of simply visiting the dentist have passed and visits to the hygienist now form a very important part of a holistic personal oral care regimen for you and your family. If you are not currently signed up with our hygiene team, please call us for more advice or request more information next time you are with us.

Working together with our dentists and hygienists at The Quay Dental Practice, you can achieve great oral health for life!

Please call our team today on 01237 473638 for more information or to arrange an appointment.

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