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Teeth Straightening in Bideford

At The Quay Dental Practice, we offer short term adult orthodontics, which includes clear/white braces to straighten teeth in a shorter time than conventional orthodontics. The braces are not noticeable from a social distance, only in close proximity. Straightening teeth may take 4-6 months, 6 months on average.

You can also consider having a removable appliance as opposed to a fixed one. It involves having a series of invisible aligners, custom made for you in a laboratory. Every two weeks you will be given a new aligner, every new one pushing the misaligned teeth towards the perfect position. This system takes longer as it can take 6-18 months. It is invisible and removable, so it may be the better option if you’re looking to transform your smile without disrupting your social life.


Our short term adult orthodontics are a safe and effective way to achieve the smile you have always desired. Prices vary depending on your individual needs – please ask our staff for further information or to book a consultation.



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