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Root Canal Treatment In Bideford

Root canal treatment, technically known as endodontics, is a precise and highly skilled area of dentistry which we are pleased to offer at our Bideford practice. We are dedicated to preventing tooth loss when the insides of a tooth become inflamed or infected. Successful root canal treatment can save teeth and eliminate the symptoms and side effects associated with infection.

Whilst general dentists can perform certain types of root canal therapy, more complex cases require the services of a dentist who have trained to deal specifically with these problems. These dentists have studied for many years in this particular aspect of dentistry. Here at The Quay Dental Practice we are pleased to offer the services of Professor James Prichard who is pleased to take on the most complex forms of root canal treatment for our patients.


When Is Root Canal Treatment Needed?

Root canal treatment is the preservation of the delicate tissues inside the tooth (the pulp) and, if necessary, is required when a tooth has suffered an infection due to the pulp dying off. The infection occurs due to bacteria infecting the space once occupied by the pulp and the body’s reaction to them. Ultimately, if the infection is not dealt with, then the tooth may be lost.

Root canal therapy works by gaining access to the intricate spaces that the pulp occupied inside the tooth, removing the infected pulp and cleaning the inside of the tooth. Once the infection is removed it is replaced with a special dental filling material and the access sealed to prevent re-infection. In the case of back teeth in particular, a crown is typically added to the tooth to reinforce it and make it suitable for day-to-day use.

How Long Does Root Canal Treatment Take?

Each case is individual and whereas some complex root canal treatments can take more than one session to be successful, many only require one visit. In some cases, the complexity of the infection only becomes apparent during the first treatment, but in all instances, you will always be kept informed about your treatment and what the next step is.

Precise Treatment

When you have root canal treatment you will be receiving dentistry which is extremely precise and detailed. Indeed many procedures of this type are carried out using specialised equipment, including the use of high-powered microscopes and precise ultrasonic instruments. Here at The Quay Dental Practice we not only employ the services of Professor James Prichard, but also a range of state-of-the-art equipment to give your treatment the best chance of success.


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